JBL Everest

Driven by an intensive research program, we were to design the new era of JBL’s flagship product that would provide an alternative to the big name aesthetic while delivering award-winning performance. We set out to create an elegantly simple form language that resonates with users who are not looking to stand out, but to quietly stand at the forefront of new trends.





The consumer’s priority was aesthetic first. The product needed to possess a familiar aesthetic, but still give enough individuality to new adopters of the JBL brand. It was vital to convey a fusion of technology and fashion. JBL was going to provide superior sound quality but it had to be captured within a beautiful and simple form language.

  • Validation Surface Modeling
  • Mid-Late Stage CAD Development
  • DFM CAD Component Fitting





One of the greatest revelations discovered during the research phase pointed to the consumer’s need for comfortable ear padding. And often overlooked functional feature associated with top tier headphones on the market. Poor ear cup ergonomics caused the headphones to sit incorrectly on the user’s head and often resulted in ear fatigue which forced the user to have to take a break from listening.

  • Explore Form Through Contoured Foam
  • Develop Ergonomically Accurate Models
  • Identify Market-Acceptable Actual VS Perceived Comfort Solutions


As the base colorways became more defined, it was my role to use the research findings and trend insights to develop colorways that could attract a new audience through contemporary and nontraditional color combinations. My team members and I explored dozens of different colors in the effort to bridge a connection to new market of younger consumers using an advanced colorway.